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1 Crore For Each New District To Set Up Offices

The constitution of new districts has begun even though the government has not issued the final notification
The government on Wednesday released 21 crore to each of the new districts to set up offices giving clear indications that it would go ahead with the preliminary notification despite inviting objections from the people
The government had issued preliminary notification on August 22 announcing the creation of 17 new district and sought suggestions/ objections for a month Over 37,300 objections were filed till 7 pm on Wednesday The government promised to examine all the objections before issuing the final notification However, the government released R26 crore on Wednesday. Of this, 21 crore each was sanctioned to nine old districts (Hyderabad excluded) and17 new districts Planning department principal secretary B.P Acharya issued orders to this effect The amount was released to new districts to meet the expenditure on setting up offices, logistics, furniture, computers, communication systems etc Though some districts are wit nessing intense  agitations against proposed districts, there has been no response from the government With its decision to release R1 crore each to new districts proposed in draft notification, it became evident that there would be no changes in the final notification