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Prices Of Pulses Fast Rising

Prices Of Pulses

The prices of pulses have risen over the past month, with retailers selling tur dal at R150, up from 2120 a kg in August. The dal costs 2170 in supermarkets chana dal costs R140 a kg against 95 last month and 265 in July. Urad dal is being retailed at 160 per kg. Moong dal, the alternative for tur, is being sold at 2110 a kg.

Mr Rajiv Gupta at the Mahabub Mansion market, one of the largest wholesale markets in the city, said the prices were increasing due to shortfall in arrivals.

Market analysts expect the prices to come down in four months as the crop position was good. being vated in 2.32 1akh hectares, green gram on 1.09 lakh hectares and black gram on 0.32 lakh hectares. Except red gram, the cultivation of other pulses exceeded the normal cropped area, sources said.