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No Negative Points For Driving Now

The traffic police has collected Aadhaar details of just 1.5 lakh motorists in a city that has nearly 45 lakh vehicles. As a result, the first phase of negative points system for violation of traffic rules is likely to be implemented based on driving licence and spot verification. Negative points will be added to the account of a motorist based on his driving licence.

For example, traffic cops may stop motorists and book cases of drunken driving, helmet or seat belt rule violation among other notified provisions of Motor Vehicles Act. They will take Aadhaar or driving licence number of the motorist and points will be added to the history account of the motorist.

Motorists said the negative points system should be implemented only after bad roads are repaired Traffic cops should put in place markings on roads such as stop line, zebra markings and signalling system among others," said Mr K. Rohit, a motorist. Traffic cops said the bad condition of roads was no excuse not to follow rules.