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Prime Villas Offer 2 Lakh For 9999

Representatives of Prime Villas quoted R2.20 lakh, the highest amount, at the auction for vehicle registration number 9999 and won. The auction for fancy numbers was held at the Kukatpally RTA office on Saturday. However, no one applied for 9, 99 or 999. There was competition for the number OOO7. A motorist who claimed to be the cousin of transport minister M. Mahender Reddy reportedly failed to win it. The OOO7 number was auctioned for the highest bid of R43,000. The motorist who won the bid wanted it for his car, while the transport minister's cousin wanted it for his two-Wheeler. Some of the motorists alleged that fancy number '6' was allotted to a motorist without auction. However, Kukatpally Motor Vehicle Inspector Ramesh Babu said the auction was carried out in a transparent manner and that only a single application was received so far for the registration number 6.