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Attendance Up In New Districts

Reports obtained by the government from collectors of all districts revealed that punctuality among employees had increased to 98-99 per cent from 70 per cent previously. Absenteeism has significantly decreased with the formation of smaller districts. This is because each district headquarters is less than 60 km from any town or village, making it easier for higher officials to inspect any office. Collectors said that this had put a sense of fear among employees.

Earlier, the average distance of district headquarters from a village or town was nearly 200 km. It made inspection difficult for higher-ups. Surprise inspections were not at all possible.

"There were hardly any inspections done by higher officials earlier due to distance and work load. With new districts, their jurisdiction and work load became less. They could cover half of the districts within 10 days of launch of new districts said minister A. Indrakaran Reddy, who represents the new Nirmal district. Besides. collectors are holding Mee Kosam every Monday to address public grievances. People are queuing up before collectorates with complaints against staff.