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Kuntala Waterfalls Spring Back To Life

Kuntala Waterfalls

The Kuntala waterfall, which had run dry in the month of February, has been revived by the spell of heavy rains received by Adilabad district. Visitors who accidentally came across the waterfall were overwhelmed to see it flowing. Once news began to spread, people from the surrounding areas thronged to the site.

Ravinder, the watchman posted at the waterfall, said that Kuntala had received rain very early this season. He said that it usually starts flowing only in mid-July, but the early showers had brought the waterfall to life. He said that visitors would start coming to the area because schools and colleges were yet to reopen, and the weather at the waterfall and the greenery of surrounding hills made for an extremely pleasant experience.

The waterfall began to flow on Monday, after Boath Assembly Constituency, which lies upstream to the waterfall. received heavy rains. A family that had come from Hyderabad to Adilabad had the opportunity to see the Kuntala flowing. Velijala Srinivas, one of the members of the family said that they would come back to see the waterfall in full force in September. He said that the scenic beauty of the Kuntala water. fall was amazing, it left spectators spellbound.