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Hyderabad's H-Bots Launches Robocop

H-Bots Robotics, a city-based Start-up, on Friday announced the launch of a Smart Policing Robot Kishan PSV Founder of H-Bots, in a statement said the beta version of the robot was launched by Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary of I-T and industries, Telangana.

The police robot moves recognises people, takes complaints, detects bombs, identify suspects, interact with people answers peoples queries among others, the release said. This smart 'Robocop with its autonomous physical presence interacts with its surrounding environment gathering data in real-time and detects irregularities with out user interface without resting and operates at a fraction of the cost normally paid for technology, cameras, sensors and guard services.

"It is a security robot specifically equipped to protect and secure public and private areas such as signal posts, malls, airports, offices buildings with public places," it said.

The Robo has ability to do 360 degree eye level surveillance, face and gesture recognition, can suspect and identify detect metals monitor temperature and can control theft. According to Kisshhan, it can be deployed for security and law enforcement and can be used in all police operations as an informant such as in traffic operation, support for SHE (anti-eve teasing) team. The five-foot-seven bot, which weighs around 43 kilograms, is equipped with cameras and an array of sensors like ultrasonic proximity sensors temperature sensors.